Welcome to Rolling Stone Coaching  - a powerful coaching company that focuses on bringing movement, momentum and change to the parts of your life where you have stalled.

Coaching is powerful and challenging, and transformational and liberating. 

Sometimes you get stuck and sometimes you want to grow. In work, in relationships, with teams you manage, in businesses you run; through divorce proceedings and co-parenting relationships you come across boulders blocking your path. You push hard but things don’t shift. Rolling Stone Coaching is all about bringing that movement, momentum and change into your life.

Marcie Shaoul, CPCC, ACC is a certified Co-Active Coach and trained by the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) - global experts in coaching for individuals and business and accredited to the International Coach Federation. She is the UK's only dedicated Co-Parent Coach and has been published in Family Law Journal, Diplomat Magazine’s Educational Guide and features alongside CAFCASS in The Divorce Podcast.



Coaching supplies you with tools to make powerful decisions that move you forward and help you grow. I can enable you to make courageous changes whatever size they are. 
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Navigating separations where children are involved is a difficult process. I have co-parented successfully for over nine years and can help bring resolution and calm to your decision making, co-parenting and blended families. This is the UK's only dedicated Co-Parent Coaching practice.
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With over a decade of working internationally at senior levels in the diplomatic world, I will bring insight and change to individuals, teams and leaders in your workplace.
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I feel much more equipped to approach the challenges and inevitable fears that run in tandem with going it alone.
— Terri Sweeney