I’m Marcie. I’m the Director of Rolling Stone Coaching and I’m a CTI Certified Co-Active Coach. CTI (Coaches Training Institute) is affiliated closely with the International Coaching Federation. I am also accredited by the International Coach Federation and an associate member of Resolution.

In 2009 after the very difficult break-up of my marriage, I had coaching with a CTI Co-Active Coach. It changed my life. The coaching I received enabled me to make strong, conscious decisions and helped me move away from feeling powerless. I became a better and more present mother, successfully co-parenting my child with my ex-husband. My career launched from a stable plateau to a trailblazing, exciting and high profile one that took me around the globe. I became strong and confident in my own power and had so much fun in the process. 

And so I decided to train to become a coach. I wanted others to know that they themselves could be courageous, powerful and shine brightly. 

Rolling Stone Coaching is all about forward movement, gathering momentum and making change. If we stay still in life for too long, we gather moss. I’d really like to work alongside you to help you move again.

Coaching happens face to face, on the phone or over Skype / Face Time. All options are available.

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