Using over a decade of research to develop The Co-Parent WayTM, I offer a completely unique service coaching parents on how to manage their separation whilst keeping children as safe and stable as possible. A break up where a child remains whole and resourceful and playful is definitely possible. As a divorcee and a co-parent I know how utterly crucial it is to carefully construct a protective space around your children when you are going through a separation. Children find themselves dividing their time between two homes and two families. It can be confusing. At worst they are used as a bargaining piece or a sounding board or even just left to get on with it whilst the parents suffer through the separation. I will work with one or both parents throughout the whole process.

I also work with blended families, where there are new partners, additional children and grandparents joining the family. I help them navigate the tangle of lives to enable a more harmonious family.

Parenting apart is another form of co-parenting. For families that have one parent working away over long periods of time, it can be hard to know how to hold the parental space for the children. I work with families of journalists, aid workers, diplomats and more.

I work either face to face, on the phone or over Zoom/Skype.

All co-parent coaching includes access to specialist knowledge and programmes developed by Marcie Shaoul, The Co-Parent Coach. 

If courts and the law told parents to work with a co-parenting coach before being able to go to court, then the whole system would be better.
— Serena Knight, Parent

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Having just divorced one of the main importances of separating - successfully parenting our children apart - wasn’t happening.

Marcie is personable & friendly and I greatly enjoyed working with her.

She is clear in how to go through this and took us along skillfully and quickly. Leaving me feeling confident and secure about how we will carry on.
— Mark Spitzer