Co-Active coaching believes that a person already has the knowledge they need to move forward and upwards in life. Sometimes, we get stuck and the process you will go through in coaching will work towards unsticking you, providing you with the tools to make conscious and powerful decisions and ensure you are living on purpose.

In our coaching sessions we will create a safe environment where you can be completely yourself. There is no judgement in coaching. 

I'm a trained and certified  Coaches Training Institute (CTI) Co-Active coach and I'm accredited to the International Coach Federation. CTI is an industry leader and the training programme is extremely rigorous. The program is built on the cornerstone that we are all naturally creative, resourceful and whole and that we all possess the capacity for knowing what is best for ourselves. From this place, the Co-Active Coach comes from a place of authentic being, listening and encouragement, to uncover the best in oneself and others.

Coaching is not therapy. It is about forward motion. Of course we are the sum of all our parts and things in our lives have led us to create patterns and belief systems that are sometimes unhealthy or unhelpful. Coaching may visit some of those origins, but moves forwards in different ways to therapy.

Rolling Stone Coaching offers three types of coaching. Please visit the pages below to find out more.


Coaching supplies you with tools to make powerful decisions that move you forward and help you grow. I can enable you to make courageous changes whatever size they are. 
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Navigating separations where children are involved is a difficult process. I have co-parented successfully for over nine years and can help bring resolution and calm to your decision making, co-parenting and blended families.
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With over a decade of working internationally at senior levels in the diplomatic world, I will bring insight and change to individuals, teams and leaders in your workplace.
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